Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Behind the Scenes of Teen Titans Go! - the website of Teen Titans Go! comic writer J Torres - gives a behind-the-scenes peek of the creation of the comic! Check out JTO forum: for the never-before-seen "switched" costume designs and color guides by Todd Nauck which were used in "Power Failure" (a.k.a. TEEN TITANS GO #24)...

Here's what Phillip Hayes of Paperback Reader recently said of TEEN TITANS GO DIGEST VOLUME 3: "...One of the best things about this book is the fact each story is self contained which is rare in comics these days... The characters are dead on thanks to J. Torres. You can tell he not only has fun writing this comic but he knows what he is doing. He makes you feel like these are the same Titans you watch on TV..." If you haven't checked out the comic, do yourself a favor!

Remember: Teen Titans Go! Books and subscriptions make GREAT holiday gifts. PLUS, you support this site with every purchase through amazon. Browse the books here:


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