Saturday, November 12, 2005

DC February Solicits Are Up has posted the DC Comics scheduled to hit the shelves in February 2006. There's some major hellzapoppin' stuff happening.

Infinite Crisis looks earth-shattering. The Teen Titans Annual looks interesting. Ed Benes MUST do more Titans work... that cover is gorgeous. It will also be great to see Marv Wolfman's retake of the Teen Titans, as he co-writes the Annual and Teen Titans #33 featuring Nightwing.

Sidebar: Is February the unofficial hero vs hero month? Earth-One Superman vs. Earth-Two Superman. Batman vs. Green Lantern. Superman vs. Supergirl. Batman vs. Green Arrow. Wonder Woman vs. Flash. What's with the growing trend of heroes fighting each other when -- y'know -- there's villains out there...? Don't these guys know there's a major-mojo Crisis going on?


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