Friday, November 11, 2005

"Hide And Seek " Episode Details

A new episode, "Hide And Seek ", premieres tonight on Cartoon Network's Miguzi. The same episode airs Saturday in its regular timeslot. Here's how the network describes the episode: With the other Teen Titans off fighting exciting battles with the Brotherhood of Evil, Raven is left with the worst task of all -- transporting three rambunctious future superheroes to safety. But this simple task turns into an adventure in babysitting as Raven and her young charges are chased through the Alps by the Brotherhood of Evil's Msr. Mallah.

The episode features the debut of two character created specifically for the animated series: Timmy Tantrum and Melvin. This one's written by Amy Wolfram ["Terra", "Betrothed" and "Kole" among others]. Look for Simpsons' voice actor Russi Taylor [Martin Prince] as Timmy Tantrum/Melvin. Taylor is also the modern voice actor for Mickey Mouse.

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