Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Adam Beechen: Titans Toon to Robin

Adam Beechen - who has written Teen Titans episodes for Cartoon Network - is slated to write the Robin ongoing comic book series is 2006. Adam has written memorable episodes such as Mad Mod, Forces of Nature, Only Human and Haunted. His series credits also include The Batman, X-Men: Evolution, Jackie Chan Adventures, Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi among many others.

newsarama.com writes: "we caught up with upcoming new Robin writer Adam Beechen, who along will penciler Karl Kerschl (Adventures of Superman) will make up the new ongoing series’ new regular creative team. [...] ”Tom was kind enough to let me pitch to him,” explained Beechen. “I wrote a story for that book, and then was given the assignment of writing Justice League Unlimited when that book started. Editor Eddie Berganza liked my work there, and we’d talk from time to time about my writing something for DC outside the “Johnny DC” titles. When Infinite Crisis came along, and so many books were getting 'fresh starts', Eddie very kindly suggested me to Dan DiDio for Robin. Eddie and I worked up a proposal, Dan dug it, and here we are!"

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