Monday, December 19, 2005

Outsiders: One Year Later

Newsarama reports on Judd Winick's plans for the Outsiders: "As far as the superhero community within the DC Universe is concerned, the Outsiders disbanded some time ago, by the time issue #34 hits – somewhere during the year that’s jumped over by the One Year Later flip. “By the time we catch up with them, no one knows if they’re still organized, no one knows if or how they’re operating,” Winick said. “They truly are Outsiders. The general public doesn’t know they exist, most of the hero community thinks that they have disbanded a while ago, and that’s how they’re operating. They’re going in and taking care of things."

Personally, the direction seems a bit ambitious for this book. It'll be interesting to see if Winick can pull this off. So far, after 30 issues, the Outsiders have barely been proactive - which was the supposed thrust of the team in the first place.

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