Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tony Daniel Named Titans Artist

It's been almost a year since Mike McKone announced he was leaving Teen Titans. After some fill-ins, guessing and creative shuffling it's finally official: Tony Daniel has been named regular artist on Teen Titans.

This news has been confirmed by Geoff Johns on a recent message board post, which also gives a sneak peek of Tony's art.

Tony also confirmed the news on his blog: "Okay, the cat's REALLY out of the bag now. Yes. I'm the new ongoing artist for Teen Titans! Whew! I can finally say that out loud. But with March 06 solicits out, the news isn't really secret anymore. The official announcment is in next week's Wizard, but I might as well fess up."

Tony added some info about the mysterious cover for March: "Couple things about this cover. One - this image is done in pencil because we didn't have time to get it inked before the solicits deadline. I had to wait on Robin's final costume so it pushed me to the wire. Two - Can you guess who the other four characters are behind Robin? New book colorists Tanya and Richard Horie, did an excellent job disguising their outlines. The final cover has a very detailed background with more titans to be found. But it also had to be obscured because of the spoilers it contained."

Visit Tony's blog for much more art, and some more commentary on his new assignment!


  • At 3:00 PM, Blogger The Nash said…

    Nightwing, how do you put a picture on your front oage. I mean, where you title is. Please help..

  • At 4:51 PM, Blogger Nightwing said…

    You have to know html coding; change the image within your coding.


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