Monday, January 09, 2006

The Challenge of Animating Jericho

Comic book hero Jericho just made his animated debut in CALLING ALL TITANS. Jericho seems to be problematic to adapt for the purposes of the show – he’s mute, uses sign language, his power is to possess people… and he’s Slade’s son. Many of those elements appear challenging to translate well; Was Jericho a challenge?

Story Editor Rob Hoegee kindly provided some answers: “There was a great deal of discussion about Jericho and how we might be able to use him – and whether he was worthy of an episode. Everyone agrees he’s an interesting character – but it would be difficult to focus a whole episode on him. Since Jericho uses sign language, there were concerns that wouldn’t animate well. We wanted to do justice to the character, but it just didn’t work out to center a whole episode around him. But we do see Jericho. And he does play a big part in wrapping the season up.”

Look for Jericho – and many more Titans – in TITANS TOGETHER, airing this Saturday!


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