Friday, January 20, 2006

Eddie Berganza Talks Titans

Newsarama recently chatted with Teen Titans Editor, Eddie Berganza: "This week we continue with a conversation with Group Editor Eddie Berganza. [...] One of DC's most prolific editors will be moving on from the Superman family, and his current line-up includes Teen Titans, Supergirl, Ion, Superman/Batman, and the upcoming Justice League of America... Oh yeah, he also edits a little something called Infinite Crisis."

On Teen Titans One Year Later: "There will be new members, one is an all-new character developed from an existing character that I'm getting very fond of already. I know the names of the team may be out there, but I don't want to confirm anything. The book will be having some surprises. Geoff [Johns] and Tony Daniel are really getting into it. The new stuff Tony is doing is amazing."

On Doom Patrol: "Doom Patrol is very different from what's been seen before, but flows perfectly out of Titans, especially when you meet some of its members."

On Titans East: "Titans East is gonna be a surprise for everyone. [...] one character will be more like the future version we saw in "Titans of Tomorrow" and it evolves very nicely from things set up in Teen Titans that have come to a boil in Infinite Crisis."

For the full article, click here.


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