Sunday, January 29, 2006

Fates of Tempest, Dolphin & Cerdian

New Aquaman writer Kurt Busiek has been graciously answering fan question on DC Comics Message Boards. Many Titans' fans have wondered about the fate of Tempest, his wife Dolphin, and son, Cerdian.

Kurt gave some answers, hints and teases.... First, Kurt settled the confusion regarding Cerdian's gender; Cerdian was mistakenly referred to as Tempest's daughter in AQUAMAN and INFINITE CRISIS. Kurt joked, "Unless those Atlantean wizards have been getting kinky, Cerdian's a boy."

AQUAMAN #39 featured deaths of Koryak and Vulko; In INFINITE CRISIS, Atlantis was destroyed and Tempest went missing. So who survived and who is dead?

On the fate of Dolphin and Cerdian, Kurt noted, "I didn't know any [characters] were going to die -- as noted, when I came on board, [AQUAMAN] #39 was under way. But now that I am on board, deciding any of the cases that have been left questionable is pretty much up to me. I can tell you, for instance, that Dolphin and Cerdian are fine, and that they found Cerdian's penis in the rubble and have had it reattached."

And what of the missing-in-action Tempest? Kurt only answered crypticaly: "I think the rule of "No Body No Cry" applies here. That said, just what happened to Garth is something that'll have to be expored in time, because we've got too much else to do starting out..."


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