Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Flashes In Crisis

Dan Didio reveals the new Flash creative team: "With Danny Bilson, Paul De Meo and Ken Lashley as the team of The Flash, Didio’s pretty sure he’s got the “different and fresh” angle covered."

Didio only hinted at who's behind the Flash mask: "Okay – and finally, we did push Didio for some teases about the new series, as well as the hero’s identity, and got two bits for the new series – which Didio characteristically twisted. First off, expect legacy to play a major role. “The series is built on the concept of ‘legacy.’ It is the recurring theme of Flash, it is the strength and the weakness of the character,” Didio said.

"And number two? Perhaps we were premature in wondering who the person under the mask might be. That is, wrong in the sense that we wondered about a “person” in the singular. “The costume will be very familiar,” Didio said with a chuckle, “Although you may not want to get too attached to the first Flash you see…”

Check out the full Newsarama article here.


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