Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Future of Teen Titans and JLU

Newsarama has published a very interesting article on WB Animation: "DOING THE LEAGUE JUSTICE: Timm & Tucker Talk About New Season…And Just What’s Up With WB Animation?" by Steve Fritz

Here's a segment from the article concerning the Teen Titans: "Here’s what I also know. When questioning both Warner Bros. and CN regarding the end of both the Teen Titans and the Justice League, both groups jumped on the defensive. CN, in particular, didn’t want me to think things were done with the Titans no matter what was being said. As proof they pointed out how the Titans had been moved to their new slot on the Miguzi afternoon block. As one of the channel’s most popular shows that does give me cause to pause."

"Personal speculation, supplemented by sources, makes me think we will be seeing more Titans and JL in some form or another. What will determine the future of the League will be the ratings of this upcoming season. As for everything else, I’ll be sitting back and waiting."

"On one final note, the Warners did tell me there is going to be a lot of announcements, in fact three sets of them, coming from them in the very near future. The first will be delivered during WonderCon this February 24-25. The second will be during the upfront sessions that will be held by Kids WB and CN on March 1. The last set will be around the middle of the March. "

But don't start throwing "Happy Blorthog" Parties yet! Keep in mind, much of the article is speculative; Also, I know for a fact that a few of the "development" projects Fritz talks about are in error. Some details are off, so I questions his sources a bit. Also, Warner's could be referring to "Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo" DTV - which is a done deal and at the end of production.

The best thing EVERYONE can do is KEEP WRITING! Obviously, they are beginning to notice!


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