Saturday, January 14, 2006

Geoff Johns Teases Future For Titans

On his message board, Geoff Johns has given some hints to the Teen Titans series after the one year leap in March: "Most of you have seen Tony's unbelievable pencils for TEEN TITANS #34 -- at least Robin. He kicked *** on our ONE YEAR LATER issue and I can't wait for everyone to read it. I think it's the start of something really fun -- and it's definitely Tony and I taking the Titans in a new direction that I couldn't be more excited about.

The key to GREEN LANTERN and TEEN TITANS for me during this ONE YEAR LATER was to re-examine how I approach monthly books. I want them to be the ones you see on the stands and can't wait to tear into. I wanted to create an extremely character-driven direction with more mysteries, action and forward movement than we ever have. You'll see new characters mixed with old. Some glimpses of strange Titans that will create a dozen threads on this board. Action, humor and romance and above all emotion.

And if you think you know who Ravager and Kid Devil don't.

With our first arc in #34 - NEW TEEN TITANS -- we'll be introducing our new team (at least the start of it)...a new supporting cast some might find costumes...a Brotherhood of Evil member...getting a glimpse of the new Doom Patrol...and a cliffhanger to make you sweat with anticipation for next issue.

We also have a new member coming to the team later this year that will drive a few people insane."

To see a page from #32, click here. Todd Nauck did the art for #32 and #33!


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