Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Newsarama Collects Titans News

Newsarama has collected some Titans news from Geoff's site and Tony's blog.

At his blog, Teen Titans artist Tony Daniel revealed that he's redesigning the Teen Titans and the Doom Patrol when the DC Universe moves forward One Year Later (OYL) this spring.

“Okay, here's the solicitations version of Teen Titans #35. I know people are already speculatin' on whose in the background behind Gar and we aim to keep the speculatin' going for as long as possible. Actually, I'm redesigning the Doom Patrol costumes and I have only begun to sketch them out for Geoff [Johns]. So those outlines you see in the background were just a bunch of shapes I threw in there so the colorist can make the team outline.

“So there is a spot for each character, but that's it. I hope to have everyone designed this week so that I can have the cover completed soon. (As long as it's done with the pages from 35, I can take my time).

“In fact, I may even toy around with Gar some more here. It is in pencil, so tweaking him is highly likely. But I hope this cover gives enough so that people are eager to read it.”

Most of what Newsarama has reported has been covered here; But feel free to check out the Newsarama article here.


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