Sunday, January 29, 2006

Paul Dini Comments on JLU and Teen Titans

Paul Dini recently commented on JLU and Teen Titans on his livejournal: "I did an on camera interview with Bruce, David (Jimmy Olsen) Kaufman, Glen Murakami and Alan Burnett last night for the next (and last) SUPERMAN DVD set. Afterwards we went to dinner where Glen confirmed the end of TITANS, and Bruce said pretty much the same about JLU. There has been some talk about the JLU episodes airing earlier in the states, but that was still being debated at Cartoon Network. I forgot to ask Bruce how my Supergirl episode came out. Maybe I can get a preview if I'm at WB any time soon."

"I had heard people were getting more territorial with certain DC characters (no more Joker in JLU, for instance) but I didn't know the details. I knew two years ago when I left, that as heroes (and their villains) got snapped up in live movie options, it tended limited their appearances elsewhere."


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