Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Truth About Tempest's Son

Fans of Tempest have started to worry about Tempest's son, Cerdian, since Aquaman #37. In that issue, Tempest refers to his baby daughter. The daughter reference continues in Infinite Crisis #3 and Aquaman #38. So what gives?

In a recent Newsarama Crisis Counseling, Dan Didio was asked: "Was the change in Garth's son's gender from male to female (as mentioned in IC#3 and Aquaman#37 and #38) a mistake or was it purposely done to show some time anomalies happening already in the DCU? Maybe a reference to Garth's daughter from Kingdom Come/The Kingdom, Aquagirl a.k.a. Tula?"

Didio answered: "The great part about Crisis is that all mistakes and retcons become time anomalies."

I guess Tempest still does have a son after all. Let's hope they keep this stuff straight in the future!

Dan offered one more hint about Donna Troy's fate One Year Later: "She has a long way to go before appearing One Year Later…"


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    This is interesting to me, since I read Teen Titans # 30, if you folks remember Raven and BB are talking about all those who've come back to life... and Beast Boy makes a referance to Elasti-Girl, saying that she was from Doom Patrol, right? I was flipping confused by this comment since I was sure Elasti-Girl was his adopted mother--so do you think this has something to do with the Crisis happening at the moment? I doubt they made a mistake... but it's possible.

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