Monday, February 27, 2006

NYCon Brings Titans News

DC Comics held their second panel of the con day, DCU: Better Than Ever in another"standing room only" program, and Newsarama was on hand . Here's the Titans scoopage:

- Asked about the Titans East (a big part of the OYL Teen Titans title), Geoff Johns declined to say who would be on the new team, only that the main Titans team will not be too happy to find out that there's an East Coast component of their team.

- Johns said that he has big plans for Damage.

- While she's missing during the year-long jump, Speedy's status will be revealed in Teen Titans as well as Green Arrow, Johns said.

- Didio confirmed that Teen Titans: Games has been put on indefinite hold, as George Perez had announced recently on his website, saying they felt Perez would be better suited to launch the upcoming Brave & Bold series to be written by Mark Waid.

Stay tuned for more news and NY Con bloggage this week. And yup, more sketches!


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