Sunday, February 12, 2006

Teen Titans News from Wondercon

On Saturday DC just began their DCU 2006: The Best is Yet to Come panel at WonderCon, and Newsarama was there. Newsarama reports: "Geoff Johns and Tony Daniel unveil a team called Titans East in March’s Teen Titans #34, and then in May's issue #36, the Titans are forced to make a trip across the world to the bizarre Dayton Manor, headquarters of the Doom Patrol... “and the Brotherhood of Evil isn't far behind.”

"Johns said Robin and Wonder Girl will on the new team roster come OYL as has been made obvious by the covers, but he’s going to take a new approach in how he writes the book and make it more character-driven."

Other Titans news was revealed during the Q&A:

"During the Q&A, a young boy asked if “Wally Flash” was dead as a result of the events of Infinite Crisis #4 (garnering a collective “awwww” from the crowd).Rucka looked to Johns saying, “Don’t break his heart”, and Johns gave in to the boy, confirming that “No”, Wally does not die in Crisis."

"Asked if there were any future plans for Connor Kent Superboy in Teen Titans or a solo series Johns said, “Kind of”."

"Johns replied, “Read Teen Titans”, when asked about the Wonder Twins."

Check out the full report at Newsarama.


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