Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Toyfare #104 Features TT Episode Guide

Toyfare #104 hits stands today and features a Teen Titans Episode Guide!

TEEN TITANS EPISODE GUIDE: It’s every episode of Teen Titans ever, with story descriptions, character appearances and behind-the-scenes director/writer/actor commentary for them all! Plus, info about the upcoming Teen Titans DVD!

Here's what Toyfare said about the upcoming Direct-To-Video "Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo": The tentatively titled "Teen Titans Tokyo" DVD (which has no release date set) marks the first time producers have developed a full-length, original animated movie based on the series. "Something happens in our city, the Titans get involved in a mystery, and they follow a lead to Tokyo, " [Glen] Murakami explains. "I think it's a good standalone storyline. A little bit of it focuses on Robin and Starfire - you'll see their relationship develop." There's no word on whether J-Pop theme song starlets Puffy AmiYumi will contribute more music to the movie, but Greg [Beast Boy] Cipes promises, "I do sing karaoke."


  • At 10:43 AM, Blogger Terra said…

    Wow, it sounds awesome ^^ I can't wait until it's released.


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