Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Donna Troy Hits 52

Newsarama reports: "Now coming full circle back to DC, [Dan] Jurgens is writing and drawing a backup feature for DC’s ground breaking weekly 52 title. Starting with the second issue, “History of the DC Universe” will be presented in weekly 4 page installments for 10 weeks."

Dan Jurgens explains: "What we’re going to do is try to give everyone a feel for what the DC Universe was, the changes that its gone through and maybe hint at where a couple of things are going as see through the eyes of Donna Troy. She’s a character who is out there now that has connections to so many realities if you will, that have occurred throughout the DCU. It’s through her eyes that we can show everybody this is the DCU before the crisis ever occurred. This is kind of happened in and around the Crisis and this how Zero Hour affected it. Because so many readers are new to the whole thing, we can kind of take them [and older readers at the same time] through what it the DC universe was, and hopefully will be in the context of these 10 stories. "

Newsarama also asked: "One final question Dan, since Donna Troy is the main character, will she be known as the new ‘Harbinger,’ since the original Harbinger from Crisis on Infinite Earths is now dead?"

Jurgens replies: "We’ll leave that one alone for right now."


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