Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tony Daniel on One Year Later

Tony Daniel has updated his blog with more news and sketches about the upcoming One Year Leap!

Tony on Kid Devil: "Welcome the newest Teen Titan, Kid Devil. I won't say too much about him until you guys start reading the issues with him in it. But Geoff and I re-created this character specifically for the Teen Titans. As the image shows, the character has issues. What are they? Find out in the first arc of Teen Titans OYL."

Tony on Ravager: "So there's still not a lot I can show for fear of Spoilers, but this is pretty harmless. It's a smaller panel with Ravager. I wanted her to look sexy and seductive, yet still look like she'll slit your throat when you turn around. She does wear a mask, but in these images that we've leaked, we wanted to show her face. Teen Titans 34 is coming soon and we're all looking forward to it."

"Issue 34 was a new starting point for me. I wanted to do something different with my style, but just didn't know what. It's hard to shake your 'style.' It took months of hard work for me to learn a new way of interpreting my vision. Even 34 isn't totally there yet. You'll see where things start to look a bit more realistic perhaps. With the strong words of encouragement from Geoff Johns and editor, Eddie Berganza, all were on board with the new look."

Check out Tony's blog for much, much more - including sketches and commentary!


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