Monday, April 24, 2006

Teen Titans Got Game... Cards

Attention all Teen Titans fans! Show off your fan spirit by collecting all the Teen Titans game cards. The cards showcase your favorite characters in cool fighting poses and hilarious animated faces.

Bandai America’s Teen Titans toys give you a surprise in each package! Every single toy comes with one free card, and three come with the Battle Communicator LCD Game as a bonus! By using the game cards with your Battle Communicator, you can increase your power and interactivity. Each represents a Titan, villain, weapon or vehicle and has a secret code that can be revealed with the Communicator to help to fight off your opponents.

There are a total of 34 cards to collect.
Here’s a quick preview of some of the cards that you can find at your local retailer:

Card Set 1 * Card Set 2 * Card Set 3 * Card Set 4


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