Monday, May 29, 2006

Marv Wolfman on Raven & More

In his regular "DC Nation," column in the back of DC's monthly DCU titles, DCU Executive Editor Dan DiDio recently announced that Marv Wolfman would be writing a new Raven mini-series, so Newsarama took this opportunity to catch up with Marv and ask him about Raven, the Titans and his other projects.

Marv on Raven's mini: "Emotionally, it's about a young girl who has found herself reborn in a new body and is trying to figure out her place in life. Story wise it picks up on the bit in the recent Titans Annual that I came up with that shows Raven getting an unexplained influx of emotions and what they do to her. It also asks where they come from and how it will affect her and everyone else in San Francisco. It deals with her new life in school and establishes the new parameters for her character. And it takes an old DC villain and completely changes him."

For the full article, click here.


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