Monday, May 22, 2006

Perez on GAMES, Donna's Wedding and more

Newsarama caught up with Perez at this past weekend's Motor City Con to find out the latest news on his Legion hopes, the Games graphic novel, and what he's doing for Justice League of America #0.

On Justice League #0: "Well, I just did a page of Justice League of America #0. I got to recreate the wedding of Donna Troy again! [...] That was the only page I drew. It was specifically for me because of the Donna Troy aspect. So it was kind of nice drawing the wedding gown again, which my wife designed. I can draw it a little better now. And there was just a slight tweak as to the occurrences at the wedding that doesn't at all contradict what went on in the original."

Looks like maybe Diana was Donna's maid of honor after all.

On the Titans Graphic Novel, GAMES: "There are still 50-something pages to be drawn. It's an enormous story. And as much as it's something I want to do, it's on indefinite hold. And I know they hate me saying it -- and Marv hates it even worse -- but I can't see it ever getting finished. With all the work that I'm being given by DC, there's no way I can fit the Titans graphic novel into my schedule. So it's on indefinite hold, and I can't see a day when that's ever going to be removed. [...] Where are they going to schedule it on my schedule if I'm going to be doing monthly titles and filling up whatever free time I have on other projects? I think it's flattering -- the book was a go when I wasn't exclusive. Once I was exclusive, they want me to do so many things. When I wasn't exclusive, they thought the Titans graphic novel was the only thing they could get from me for awhile. Signing the exclusivity seems have to killed the Titans graphic novel."

Check out the full interview at Newsarama.


  • At 6:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well, I don't think Diana will be Donnas maid of honour - although this might also be a possibility - but I think that Donna could be the "new" Wonder Woman as it is rumoured by many fans...

    ... or why would they need to retell Donnas wedding? It could be the "origin of the all-new Wonder Woman"


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