Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Robin Voice Actor Correction

When news broke of Robin appearing in the fourth season of The Batman, here's what information was gleaned: "The World's Finest over at ToonZone have once again provided an exclusive first look at upcoming character designs for the fourth season of the WB Series THE BATMAN. Only this time, the character they've featured is... Robin! But that's not all-- Comics Continuum also provided two images of the new character, as well as a few snippets of information from their interview with supervising producer Duane Capizzi. It seems clear that the design is an amalgamation of the styles from both TEEN TITANS and THE NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES. Scott Menville will be providing the voice, so fans of the TEEN TITANS animated series can apparently rest easy knowing that at least one part of the show will live on!"

Unfortunately, titanstower.com has learned this information is in error. A source close to production of the series has informed me that Scott was never slated as the voice of Robin. So who is the voice of Robin? No final word yet, but we'll keep ya posted.


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