Friday, June 09, 2006

Starfire's Brother in New Omega Men


As a concept, DC's Omega Men are a full 25 years old, but the property's been slowly and steadily making a comeback. The push goes full speed in October with a new six issue miniseries by Andersen (Batgirl) Gabrych and Henry Flint, pitting the Omegans against a new religion sweeping through the Vegan galaxy, with the mysterious "Lady" at its lead.

"Tigorr, the take-no-BS leader, Broot the pacifist powerhouse, Doc, the TV-Headed team physician who has learned to use his healing powers to devastating results, Elu the living cosmic storm, and Ryand'r, brother to Teen Titan, Starfire, who has a whole new set of powers and a brand-new codename which has everything to do with our story. We also will pick up a new lady-member who has roots deep in the DCU’s cosmic mythos and an old Omegan will return in an entirely new way."

Sounds like some new and interesting things are in store for Starfire's kid brother!


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