Monday, June 26, 2006

Teen Titans writers visit the 31st century

Looks like the "Teen Titans" writers can't escape the traumas of teendom. While former Story Editor Rob Hoegee has taken the reins of Kids-WB!'s LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES with JLU's James Tucker, Titans fans will also see more familiar names in the writing credits. David Slack revealed, "While I've been on hiatus [from "Law & Order,"], I've just completed an episode of LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES for the illustrious Rob Hoegee."

"Yeah, I was lucky enough to have both Amy [Wolfram] and David come in and do an episode or two," Rob noted. "I'm nearing the last legs of the first season of LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES. And as reported, it will air this fall on the Kids-WB! on the CW network. It will be on at 11am just before THE BATMAN."

With Rob Hoegee, David Slack and Amy Wolfram writing the teens of tomorrow, Titans fans will surely want to visit the 31st century this fall on the Kids-WB!

Stay tuned for some more exciting LEGION news here at!


  • At 2:49 AM, Blogger Michael said…

    Geez! Why don't they come over to the Legion sites (like my Legion Omnicom) and tell us this stuff after they're done talking to you! :)

    Thanks for the update.


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