Monday, July 24, 2006

SDCC: Bruce Timm

Friday, Warner Bros. Animation president Sander Schwartz introduced a retrospective on the creativity of animation legend Bruce Timm (Batman Beyond, Superman: The Animated Series). Timm talked about the history of his work, and fans were given opportunities to ask questions...

CHARACTERS HE WANTED TO USE, BUT DIDN'T: Blue Beetle, Spectre and Phantom Stranger.

ON FIRESTORM: They almost used Firestorm. The Booster Gold episode was originally going to be Firestorm-centric.

ON THIRD SEASON JLU LEX: The third season was very consciously about Lex, and his story arc.

ON FAVORITE EPISODES: Hard-pressed to name a favorite, Timm cited several, including DOUBLE DATE from JLU.

ON THE BAT EMBARGO: A fan asked about the ban on Bat-characters due to THE BATMAN. Timm said it didn't effect too much, although DOUBLE DATE was originally going to be Nightwing/Batgirl and Green Arrow/Black Canary. In retrospect, Timm was happy with using Huntress/Question.

ON BATMAN BEYOND: The overlooked show got suprising cheers from the crowd. Timm talked a bit about incorporating Terry into the JLU universe, and establishing that it is in fact the same continuity. The season finale to season two of JLU - which revealed Bruce's DNA was used in Terry's gestation - was at one time the plot of another direct-to-video movie.


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