Friday, July 28, 2006

SDCC: Marv Talks Animated JUDAS CONTRACT

Newsarama reports: "The hearts of DC fanboys when aflutter Saturday at Comic-Con when DC Publisher and President Paul Levitz announced at DC’s One Year Greater panel that DC, Warner Bros. Animation, and Warner Home Video are looking to enter the direct-to-video marketplace with three upcoming animated movies based on popular comic book storylines – Superman/Doomsday, Darwyn Cooke’s The New Frontier, and New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, all overseen by Bruce Timm."

Marv says: ”Whereas the Titans cartoon show was obviously aimed for kids, this is not being aimed at the youngest kids as it will contain mature content. It will be closer to the original comic but hopefully even stronger as we'll have actors, which means we'll be able to do some more subtle material. In comics you have to make readers read the dialogue as you want them to, but of course that's impossible. Here we can have those little verbal moments where a simple ‘grunt’ or ‘sigh’ or sound can replace paragraphs of prose. Because it's a different medium, we alter the way we tell our stories, playing to this medium's strengths as George and I tried to do with the original, playing to the strength of comics.”

“And yes,” Wolfman added, “Tom [DeSanto] and I intend for the ‘nightgown and cigarette" scene to be there.”

Wolfman adds: "”There will be changes to fit not only the time/length of the movie but to make this a relatively stand-alone feature, although it does set up possibilities for sequels. There are plot changes, but none that I can see that change the story in any significant way. This is and always will be a story about a young girl who betrays the Titans. It's a story of the heroes growing up and changing; Kid Flash and Robin leaving the group, the debut of Nightwing, etc"

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