Thursday, July 27, 2006

SDCC: Sergio Cariello's Ravager

Sergio Cariello is probably best known for his work on DEATHSTROKE and Batman. I first got a Slade commission from him back at WizardWorld Philly. It was so good, that I later got a Deathstroke commission from him.

Before Rose went all-Ravager on us, I even had Sergio do a Rose commission, back when everyone would ask, "Rose who?" See, I even knew back then she was a cool character. I later had Sergio do a Rose-as-Ravager commission back when she had two working eyes.

Well, now we've come full circle. I had Sergio do the current version of Rose as Ravager. And as usual, his commission does not disappoint.

Why are some of these commissions better than the art we get in SECRET FILES pages? It's a shame that some of these remain unprinted!


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