Saturday, July 01, 2006

Wolfman Returns to Nightwing

Newsarama reports: On Friday, Dan Didio brought his “DC Nation” panel to Charlotte Heroes Con. Joining Didio for the panel were writer Greg Rucka and newly promoted DC Coordinating Editor Jann Jones. Here's some news that's Titans-related:

Responding to a question about the Flash and Bart Allen becoming the new Flash as a result of Infinite Crisis, Didio said that he felt a change was needed with the character as he stood because, as he said, there was something very generic about the Flash. Themes were repeating, he said, and he wanted to bring a new generational aspect to the forefront again. In noting that Bart is the Flash for this new generation of the DCU, Didio added that Wally West is gone, but not forgotten.

Son of Vulcan is still knocking on the Teen Titans door, Didio joked, referring to the final page of the miniseries.

And finally, speaking of Nightwing, Didio said that Marv Wolfman will be making his return to the character, along with Dan Jurgens penciling for a four issue arc, beginning with issue #125 of the ongoing series.

For the full article and report, check out this link.


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