Monday, July 10, 2006

Wonder Girl Go!

Newsarama reports: "Though the animated series its based on may be over, Teen Titans Go! is still going strong, and in October’s issue #36, will see a new cast member join – one that’s been asked about frequently, seen only very briefly in the series, and has a long history with the Teen Titans. Oh, heck – as if the image isn’t giving it away…we’ll just get over to asking series writer, J. Torres questions about the series and the debut of Wonder Girl. Interior pages by regular series artist, Todd Nauck."

J. Torres reveals: "We jump right into the story and she comes over from Paradise Island to give her friends a hand with... an alien threat. [..] Long story short: we basically had to wait to get the okay from the powers that be. She only made a couple of quick appearances in the last season of the show and we never really saw her in action. It's my understanding that there was some kind of licensing issue that prevented the animators from really using her. For the most part, we had to follow the show's lead in terms of new characters but now that it's wrapped, we have a little more freedom in that department."

How will Wonder Girl be used in the series?

"Well, the story is called "Troy." And she pretty much has the same powers as her DCU sisters. She may be different in that her attitude is maybe closer to Diana as a girl, or as I imagine she would be at 15 or 16. [...] I'm playing it as if she's already a Titan and has worked with them before. After all, she was seen in "Calling All Titans" and "Titans Together" albeit as a headshot. But the insinuation is that she was there to help the Titans take down the Brotherhood of Evil. So, I write it like she has to sneak off of Paradise Island like a teenage girl not allowed to go out on her own and that explains why she's seen limited action thus far."

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