Tuesday, August 01, 2006

SDCC: Teen Titans Animated Crew

The Crew of the animated Teen Titans series was in San Diego in full force! At the Legion panel, a few of the Titans alum were around; Of course, Story Editor Rob Hoegee was there at the panel proper. Director Ben Jones and character designer Derrick Wyatt were both there as well in the audience, since both artists are now busy working on LEGION. I was able to catch up a bit with both of them over dinner with the fine folks from titansgo.net. It was great to be able to meet those guys [fellow Titans fanatics!] as well! We talked comics and cartoons over some Italian fare.

Friday night I hit the Hyatt bar scene - which became a post-con social extravganza! While mixing and mingling, I caught up a bit with former Teen Titans Story Editors Rob Hoegee and David Slack.

Saturday night was the big premiere of TEEN TITANS: TROUBLE IN TOKYO, which was introduced by writer David Slack and producer Glen Murakami. [The movie was cool, by the way -- see full report below]. I was able to spend some time with the crew after the movie. Everyone seemed pleased at the fan response to the movie; David Slack mentioned that it was a surreal experience to watch a movie he had written WITH an audience. A fan [I wish I knew their name] gave a really neat gift to Glen Murakami [I wish I took a picture] - it was a stuffed animal version of Silkie that was hand-made. It was one of the coolest things I'd seen at the show. I THINK this is the very same Silkie.

All three directors of the movie were there - Michael Chang, Ben Jones and Matt Youngberg - as each of them directed a 20-minute-or-so chunk of the movie. Also joining the pary were storyboard artist Irineo Maramba and series Story Editor Amy Wolfram. Amy had a writing panel with Adam Beechen [who wrote various episodes of the series]. Unfortunately, I missed her panel due to a scheduling conflict, but she said it went quite well.

As usual, it was great to hang out with these guys. A great buncha folks as well as talented people. I was able to get a jam sketch from some [but not all] of the creators. Not as good as last year's jam piece, but a nice reminder of a fun con!


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