Friday, September 15, 2006

Titans News from Baltimore

From Newsarama's report on the DC Universe panel at Baltimore Comiccon:

Q: Where will readers see the resolution of Nightwing’s proposal of marriage to Oracle?
Didio said that there are plans for an early ’07 Nightwing Annual, set after Infinite Crisis and before he left on the cruise with Bruce and Tim that will address what happened. Marc Andreyko will write it.

Q: Is the Terra miniseries still coming?
Palmiotti: Still coming. Terra makes her first appearance in Supergirl #12.

Q: Will there be more with Marv Wolfman on Nightwing?
Didio: He’s on for 12 issues as of now.

Q: Cassandra Cain - evil forever?
Didio: Teen Titans East.

Q: A Wonder Girl/Robin romance?
Waid: Dude, that would just be evil.

Q: Are all three heroes in space from 52 coming back?
Waid: No.

Q: Metal Men and Doom Patrol - miniseries for either?
Didio: Maybe and no.

Q: Why is the new Terra not in Titans East?
Didio: She’s a new character for us, and we want to tie her in and establish her on her own before mixing her in.

Q: Will we see Diana Price as Wonder Woman and Donna Troy pick up mantle in 52?
Waid: Yes – it’s one of the key pieces we’ve yet to nail down, but it is very important. You’re going to see more and more events in 52 tying in closer to what we’ve seen in the OYL titles as things move into the final half of the series.


  • At 10:29 AM, Blogger Matt McGee said…

    I'm sad to hear that Batgirl will remain a villain. I really liked her in "No Man's Land".

    With Terra, I hope she rejoins the Titans once her origin is resolved. Is she the original Terra or not? Geoff, don't mess with her again!

  • At 12:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    why wont they bring back starfire?


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