Thursday, November 23, 2006

Marv Wolfman on NIGHTWING

Newsarama reports: "Now, two issues into his run, Wolfman is able to speak a little more freely about his views on the character, what he came on to do, and what he plans to do, given that his initial four-issue arc has been extended to a run of indefinite length. We caught up with the writer to talk about ‘Wing, his life and his times.

Newsarama: The last time we spoke about Nightwing, you'd just gotten the job, so we didn't go into too many specifics. Now, with two issues out, and a handful more in planning, plotted, and written stages, let's dig into it a little. First - was there any difficultly in finding Nightwing's voice again after a few years of not writing him?

Marv Wolfman: There honestly wasn't a problem finding his voice, but there was in finding mine. I was asked by Dan Didio and Peter Tomasi to work with them to help get Nightwing back on track so I put together a story that would highlight some aspect of his character each issue. By the fourth issue, the character would essentially be back-to-basics for whoever was going to take over after my story was done. That meant his character would be redefined and his purpose and position in the DCU made clear, etc. In short, we wanted the readers to know who Dick Grayson was again and why so many people like him so much."

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