Monday, December 11, 2006

Cyborg & Flash in Smallville

Smallville is getting their own Justice League... sort of. Look for Vic Stone and Bart Allen - among others - to return and join forces! The special episode, "Justice", is slated to air January 18, 2007. From the fantastic

Written & Directed By: Steve DeKnight
Guest Stars: Justin Hartley (Oliver Queen/Green Arrow), Alan Ritchson (Arthur "AC" Curry/Aquaman), Kyle Gallner (Bart Allen/The Flash), Lee Thompson Young (Victor Stone/Cyborg)

UPDATED 11/24/06: The "Justice League" characters will be wearing outfits that are very reminiscent of their comic book counterparts. They will also be using code names - Oliver, of course, is the Green Arrow; A.C. is Aquaman; Victor Stone is Cyborg; but it has been hinted (in places such as writer Steve DeKnight's blog) that Bart Allen will be using a different code name "because of a DC note." Don't be surprised if Bart's new code name is a familiar one to fans of the character - something that refers to his Impulsive nature. No word yet on a name for Clark, but considering the Siegel family lawsuits, it's probably not going to be Superboy.
- Lana (Kristin Kreuk) does not appear in this episode.

UPDATED 10/30/06: Chloe meets with a Dr. Caselli to ask him what he knows about Level 33.1. We're guessing this means that 33.1 plays a role in this episode's general story.
- The Martian Manhunter will not be showing up. (See Rumorville)
- Contrary to rumors, Batman/Bruce Wayne will not be appearing in this episode.

- From the column of TV Guide's Mike Ausiello, some quotes from Alfred Gough: "Episode 11, which is our second episode back in January, is going to be called 'Justice,' and it'll basically be our first look at the Justice League. We're gonna have Green Arrow, Cyborg, Flash and Aquaman, played by Alan Ritchson, who is coming back. That's gonna be our first Justice League episode." And where exactly is Wonder Woman? "Ask Joel Silver," Gough grumbles. "He's the producer; he controls the movie rights. We'd do a whole Wonder Woman series if we had Wonder Woman, but Joss Whedon is writing the movie, so we can't have her."

Look for more images at the Comic Continuum, where they report: "The trailer including several tidbits, including Lana expressing second thoughts about her relationships with Lex and Clark and Lois apparently finding out that Oliver Queen is Green Arrow."


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