Sunday, February 04, 2007

Adam Beechen: A New Titan In Town

Earlier this week, Geoff Johns unveiled that he’s leaving DC’s Teen Titans after Titans East storyline has ended. Robin writer Adam Beechen will be taking over the series with May’s issue #47. Broken Frontier spoke to the new Titans scribe to find out what he’s got planned...

Adam reveals: "I gravitate to the character stuff. I love the crash-bang as much as the next comics fan, but when I get a peek behind the mask to see how a character really thinks and feels, it makes the action that much more immediate and personal to me. So I think of #7, “Wednesday,” where we spend time with a few of our characters individually — the stuff with Superboy and Krypto really made an impression on me.

The “Titans Tomorrow” issues where the kids met their possible future selves also was a great window into the team. And “Titans Around the World” I loved because suddenly there were all these new characters that the Titans had experience with but I didn’t, and I had to work to put the pieces together, and I had a sense I was being taken for a ride by creators who knew what they were doing, and that’s the best feeling to have, as a reader."

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