Thursday, February 01, 2007

Beechen Talks Titans

Geoff Johns will be leaving DC’s Teen Titans at the conclusion of the current “Titans East” arc. Current Robin and Justice League Unlimited writer Adam Beechen will be filling Johns’ chair, co-writing the second half of the arc, and then, taking it all over, starting with issue #47 in May.

Beechen reveals: "Geoff’s left a lot of great possibilities open to us...I’ve thrown some of my ideas out to him, and he’s responded with, “Awesome,” and “that’s so cool,” enough that I feel I’m on the right track. We’re going to be building on his concepts and exploring some of the newer characters he’s brought to the team in greater detail. After that, it’s too soon to say until I feel like I’ve really nailed the stories, but yes, I definitely have some big plans in terms of villains that I’m excited to get to, not to mention story points for our characters. I sat down the other day and put down in one place all the basic ideas I have, some in great detail, others just sketches, and if nothing were to change at all, I’d have enough stories to reach issue #75! So my enthusiasm level is pretty high!"

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