Thursday, February 01, 2007

Geoff Johns: A Titan Looks Back

Newsarama reports: Geoff Johns announced he was leaving the Teen Titans title after Issue #46, handing over a team to writer Adam Beechen that has been re-invigorated by a slew of fresh, new characters Johns created for DC's One Year Later event. As he reflects on what he's done with the series, Newsarama sat down with Johns to talk about his favorite stories, what it felt like to watch these kids grow up in front of his eyes, and how he came up with all those endearing new characters that will now add to the legacy of one of DC's most iconic teams.

Geoff Johns: "You know, in Teen Titans, I think all of the characters in that book have to change and grow because they're kids. The cool thing about writing a book like that is they can change and grow -- and they should. And that was part of the fun of Teen Titans. You look at a character like Kid Devil, and he's growing up. You watch these characters grow up in front of your eyes. I always said Young Justice was junior high and Teen Titans was high school. We had these characters who were kids coming in, and then you can see the progressive change. I think that's why you see more growth and change in characters like Superboy and Wonder Girl and Kid Flash than you would Cyborg, because Cyborg has already reached adulthood."

"I still really like the first arc. I like the kids eating together and just hanging out together. I like the quieter moments in those issues. I also really like the One Year Later arc. You know, Mike McKone and Tony Daniel were the two main guys I worked with on this book, and I thought Tony really came into his own on the One Year Later arc of Teen Titans. And I really loved the idea of bringing in all these new characters and shaping the book up. I hated the idea of losing Superboy, and especially Kid Flash. I hated losing both of them. But it was a chance to kind of shake the book up and do something completely new."

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  • At 10:48 AM, Blogger Matt McGee said…

    I try not to be too judgemental until I see at least one storyline from the new writer. I can say, however, that Geoff Johns is one of my favorite writers, and I will miss him greatly.


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