Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dick Grayson's Lost Year

writer Marv Wolfman teases an upcoming arc about the original Robin’s time between Titans teams.

Even though most of his beloved Titans have grown up, that doesn’t mean famed writer Marv Wolfman isn’t still attached. For example, as the current writer of Nightwing with artist Jamal Igle, Wolfman’s keeping a firm grip on that character, with a fresh take on the classic hero. During this weekend’s Wizard World Los Angeles, Wizard caught up with the legend to talk about Nightwing, Raven and the signing battle between Titans and Crisis.

WOLFMAN: We’re doing great. We’re already on our third arc, which I think is working out right—the first one I really can say that about. The first arc was a fill-in story and I think it was really good in that it re-established Nightwing’s personality and regrounded him. The second story is a bit weird in that I tried something different with the villains, but it builds to a really solid ending that motivates the series from that point on. The third arc really comes together in a solid crime story that is very Dick Grayson-centric at the same time.

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