Wednesday, March 14, 2007

J. Torres Spills TEEN TITANS GO! Plans

J. Torres has reported on his New York Comic-Con experience. He includes some juicy tidbits about some upcoming plans in TEEN TITANS GO!

J. reports: "I give the convention a big thumbs up this year. First of all, the organizers were more, well, organized. The space was bigger but so were the crowds, however, the staff seemed in better control of the situation this time around. There were still some problems, in particular with the way Artists Alley was laid out, delays with re-entry into the hall if you went outside, and maintenance issues in the restrooms, but all in all it was an improvement over last year's... mess and a much more pleasant con-going experience. At least for me."

"I had several prodictive meetings over the weekend. I talked Teen Titans Go with my favorite editor Tom Palmer, Jr. and we firmed up plans for upcoming issues including our big 50th anniversary. Additonally, we talked about which artists would be available for which upcoming stories, including ones involving Kilowatt, a certain member of the Justice League, Galfore and... Wildfire! It also looks like someone who worked on the TV series (and has a pretty big online following) might be helping us out with some art in a future issue, too."

See J. Torres' full report on his site!


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