Friday, March 30, 2007

Karl Kerschel Reveals Superboy Swipe

Did everyone enjoy the Teen Titans origin in this week's 52? I sure did! It featured some awesome art from Karl Kerschel & company. I anxiously await TEEN TITANS: YEAR ONE! But here's some stuff we didn't know...

Karl reveals on his blog: "I thought I'd share this as an intersting tidbit. I did a two-page Teen Titans origin story in the latest issue of 52 (issue 47), and there was a change on one of the pages. Superboy had to be removed from the Young Justice scene for legal reasons (DC is in a rights dispute with the creators of the character) and in this case the most elegant solution was to replace him with a similar shot of Wonder Girl. It worked out fine, but I thought I'd post this for anyone wondering where the heck Superboy was in the pages of history.
He was there! We all saw him!"

Check out the image here.


  • At 9:28 PM, Blogger Justin said…

    Hey I recognize that scene!
    Superboy with Ashton Kutcher-style hair? Lemme guess... Titans/YJ: Graduation Day? How can DC be involved over a rights dispute on a different character called Superboy? This is not Kal-El we're talking about, can't the estates of Siegel and Shuster just back off?

  • At 11:26 PM, Anonymous uss_titans said…

    I know what you mean. This YJ/Titans Superboy was never created by Siegel and Shuster. And not even the same costume/powers as the Superboy S.S. But it is the name that they are after. DC fault for not changing the name before thing hit the fan. Estates of Siegel and Shuster must need hard cash. I wonder what Siegel and Shuster would think about their estate going after someone else property.
    Turning in their graves or more like disgusted with the idea that their legacy are being drag thru the mud.


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