Thursday, March 01, 2007

NYCC: Teen Titans Go! Team

[pictued from left to right: Mike Norton, J Torres and Todd Nauck (who is busy sketching behind that sign!)]

TEEN TITANS GO! team was at full force at the New York Comic-Con. J Torres [writer], Todd Nauck [artist] and Mike Norton [artist] did a few group signings at the DC Booth during the show. Mike drew me a Jericho and later, a Wonder Girl. Todd drew me a cool Raven.

I was chatting with Todd about how they used Wonder Girl for the comic; He said they just called up Glen Murakami and he sent over a design for the character. Glen also provided the cover for her debut issue. J Torres said the TEEN TITANS GO! doesn't seem to be in any danger of cancellation, even though they aren't producing any new episodes. J also mentioned they have something special planned for TEEN TITANS GO! #50 -- so be on the lookout!


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