Friday, March 30, 2007


SAVE TEEN TITANS! Sound familiar, doesn’t it? Well, here we are again, titanic ones. A source close to DC Comics has told me that TEEN TITANS GO! may be in danger of cancellation! Apparently, they are looking at the whole “Jonny DC” line of comics and possibly adding/deleting/revamping some titles. I’m told TEEN TITANS GO! Is in EXTREME danger of cancellation. Yikes!

The comic book is the ONLY place to get NEW Teen Titans animated tales. Plus, writer J. Torres and artist Todd Nauck have been giving us tons of untold stories and continuing sagas with some of our favorite animated characters. Great stuff, if you haven't already checked out this excellent adaption of the tv show. J revealed some upcoming plans on his blog – that now we may never see!: "I talked Teen Titans Go with my favorite editor Tom Palmer, Jr. and we firmed up plans for upcoming issues including our big 50th anniversary. Additionally, we talked about which artists would be available for which upcoming stories, including ones involving Kilowatt, a certain member of the Justice League, Galfore and... Wildfire! It also looks like someone who worked on the TV series (and has a pretty big online following) might be helping us out with some art in a future issue, too."

Looks like it’s time for fans to rally together to save the series! And there’s hope; A similar campaign helped save the MANHUNTER comic book from cancellation. So we need to get crackin’ and writin’!


Write letters to:
Dan DiDio
1700 Broadway NYC, NY 10019

Snail-mail letters make the biggest impact (and please, be passionate, but nice!) Spread the word and write soon!


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