Sunday, March 11, 2007

STUN!: Jimmy Palmiotti on Terra

STUN! The weekly comics podcast hosted by James VanOsdol. Now available for listening on this siteā€“the Jimmy Palmiotti podcast from 11/13! Palmiotti talks about Jonah Hex, Heroes for Hire, Terra, and Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, as well as a few industry things that make him cranky. Also on the show: Executive Producer Patrick Brower from Graham Crackers Comics in Chicago gives a retail update. The Terra stuff doesn't kick in until the 14 minute mark.

Here's what Jimmy says about Terra: "DC wanted a new Terra. 52 covers some of it. Somehow, we're going to figure out how all those Terra tie together. We came up with a real basic premise. They are all connected. Their powers are all the same, but their attitudes are completely different."

"The new Terra sort of has the sensibilities of Superman. [...] She has a real super-hero sensibility. There's no doubt [in her mind], unlike the other two Terra, who both had some psychological stuff going on. In this mini series, we explain them out. We explain who they are, where they came from and what they have in common with the new Terra. And then we say, "go." So by the sixth issue, we launch her out. And that's for another writer to work on her in another book."

"[The fans] are going to hate it - or they're going to love it. Look, we already know we're going to take a load of crap for the book. But at the same time, we're going to clear up a lot of stuff. So I think the real diehards are going to really appreciate what we did. And anyone who picks it up for the first time will really grab onto the new character, because the new character is a lot of fun. But she's nothing like the other two."

When asked if he turns a blind eye to the diehards fans feedback, Jimmy says, "[laughs] No, I kind of like the feedback. I don't mind it. When people on the internet say over and over, "hey, we love this!" that's great. And there's always some good ideas in there, too. [...] But anytime you write a character like Terra, who is very close to some people, you're always going to get a lot of crap thrown at you. But it's OK. I don't mind it. I'm glad they took the time to read it, and THEN hate it [so much]. Because at least they went out and bought it. [...] They only thing I turn a blind eye to is when it starts getting personal when they attack you on the internet. [...] That's just kind of stupid. [...] But realistically, anything that gets people thinking and talking is OK. [...] That's the great thing about this hobby - this art form - is that two people will look at something and see two different things."

Listen to the whole interview here!

Interesting thoughst on the whole Terra thing. It sounds like Jimmy has his heart in this one - although I still don't see the need to get rid of the OLD Terra - who was NEVER properly explored.


  • At 2:01 PM, Blogger Arcalian said…

    Well as Palmiotti pointed out, we can thank Didio for that.


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