Sunday, March 18, 2007

WWLA: Titans News Bits


Is Nightwing going to be killed off eventually, per DiDio's apparent wishes? DiDio said that although he certainly did want to off Nightwing at one point, there are no plans currently.

What went into making Bart Allen the Flash? DiDio: "We wanted to..." Palmiotti: "Have fun." DiDio: "We have a lot of story that's about to take place with Bart coming down the line." At this point, DiDio started his "quid pro quo" where he'd ask the fan a question after answering their question.

Next question was about two previously announced Teen Titans projects - George Perez hardcover is on hold while he works on Brave and the Bold, as is the Raven series.


Teen Titans writer Adam Beechen was next up, saying that Teen Titans will tie-in to Amazons Attack. DiDio asked him about his involvement in Countdown, and he said "It's a lot of fun, it's great to be working with such amazing writers."

Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner were up to plate next. Conner talked about Terra, saying that it's a new character taking the mantle. Conner also teased that there's a "brief" scene in the series where Terra is "clothes free" in Dr. Mid-Nite's lab. Palmiotti talked about Countdown, but, as par for the course, didn't reveal much.

"What's up with Wally West and his family?" DiDio: "I think they're trapped in Florida, they couldn't get a flight because of the snow." The rest of the panel ribbed DiDio for the cheesy joke, with Palmiotti saying "the Florida snow goes through your nose" and Beechen saying "trapped in Florida is DC's 2008 event." DiDio then kicked the question to Wolfman, who simply said, as is DC's unofficial policy, "Maybe."

"Will Deathstroke have his own comic again?" DiDio: "He shouldn't have his own comic, he's a bad guy. I think he's just such a strong villain. He's a prime mover in the DC Universe. I don't think he needs his own book."


Palmiotti and Connor, joined by Justin Gray on Terra, will be a four-issue mini-series. "It's a complete different Terra," Palmiotti said. "Nobody in the DC Universe knows anything about her," Connor said. "But she's always popping in to the save the day." Connor said there's a three-page sequence where Terra is naked in Dr. Mid-Nite's lab. "I have to use all these Austin Powers tricks to keep hiding her naughty bits," she said.

Beechen said a lot of Tim Drake's "romantic entanglements" will be addressed in Robin.


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