Saturday, April 28, 2007

Fishnets & Corsets: Designing Zatara

Zachary Zatara: crossdressing super-hero? It almost happened. Zatara made his first, full in-continuity appearance in 52: WEEK TWENTY-ONE [2006], where Beast Boy's rag-tag team of Titans - Raven, Power Boy, Little Barda, Zatara and Hotspot - meet Luthor's new Infinity, Inc. team of "heroes."

At, breakdown artist Keith Giffen offered up some observations about his 52 experience: "As a goof, in the breakdowns, I drew that new Zatara kid in Zatanna’s fishnets-and-corset getup. The penciler actually drew him that way. My pleas to let it go through like that went unheeded."

Check out some of the original sketches at Zatara's page on Stenhsif Raeppasid! (That's "Fishnets Disappear!" backwards)


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    Wow... that's, uh...
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