Thursday, May 31, 2007

Flash: Fastest Man... Dead?

With the upcoming Flash cover teaser, many fans are wondering what's in store for Bart Allen. Newsarama asked Dan Didio questions about upcoming Flash developments...

: So far in Countdown, we’ve seen the “loyalty tests” that the Rogues have had for the Piper and Trickster, and the claims from the other Rogues that they’re soft because they’re friends of the Flash. Is what we’re seeing here and outcropping of that?

DD: Well, ultimately, the Rogues are re-gathering. They’re planning what I believe to be one of their greatest attacks on the Flash right now as organized by Inertia. Because the Rogues have gone through so many twists and turns throughout their careers, it’s clear – and understandable - that they want to know which side of the fence they’re al standing on at this time. Trickster and Piper were so clearly associated with the heroes when Wally was Flash – with a new Flash running around, the rest of the Rogues want to know where their allegiances lie.

They want to know if they can trust them to have their backs when the fight starts, and realistically, they want to know if their loyalty was based on the individual, or on the suit, which is another part of the question.

NRAMA: And if there’s anything that people should take with them from this image – the one word of the logo that’s completely destroyed?

DD: Which word was that?

NRAMA: “Alive.” As in “Fastest Man…”

DD: You can look at this in several ways, clearly. I think that one thing that comes across easily is that Flash is in jeopardy from the Rogues.

NRAMA: And not just sleepy?

DD: Next question.


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