Thursday, May 17, 2007

J Torres on TEEN TITANS GO! Future

TEEN TITANS GO! writer J Torres posted this at comicbloc forums:

"Last week I submitted a script for what should be #46 ([Starfire's brother,] Wildfire).

Right now, #47 should be one of those two-in-one issues (the first story features Starfire/Raven drawn by Christine Norrie; the second is Robin's origin recounted with art by Michael Chang from the cartoon).

I'm told things could change, but that's how the schedule looks as of this typing.

DC is getting people's letters and I hope it's convincing them to let us keep going, at least for a while longer..."

Good, hopeful news! Get writing and let's see if we can make TTG last awhile longer! I hear J and the team have some big plans for #50!


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