Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sean McKeever Alter Ego Podcast

Sean McKeever talks about all his titles at DC, and Titans fans will get a lot of insight into his ideas about the team and its new roster. You really need to check it out -- at or direct download it at:

Sean delves into how Teen Titans seems "custom built" for him, with a "great ensemble cast"; He describes the tone of the series as "high octane action and great teen drama." He also cites the Wolfman/PĂ©rez era as a "blueprint"; action stories that are driven by the characters.

What's coming up for the Titans? Well, Sean describes issue #50 as a transition issue, and not only creatively speaking. "The old guard is moving onto other stuff in the DCU" but promises "We'll be seeing Raven, Cyborg and others." After that, it's a 3-part story arc that serves as sequel to TITANS TOMORROW.

"This is the kind of book I can be on for a good long time." Here's hoping!


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