Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sean McKeever on Teen Titans in His Future

Newsarama reports: "Known for his work on a handful of comics that concentrate on teens -- from The Waiting Place to Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane -- McKeever accepted a DC exclusive contract earlier this year when he became part of the team that puts together the DC weekly series Countdown. Also announced recently as the upcoming writer on Birds of Prey, McKeever will take over Titans from current series writer and Countdown co-writer Adam Beechen, who DC announced is moving to the space-themed Countdown to Adventure mini-series in August after working on Teen Titans since co-writing Issue #45.

Already raising speculation about the importance of the number "50," McKeever's debut issue will also feature an impressive list of former Titans creators helping out in what Didio called a "jam session," including Geoff Johns, who only earlier this year left the title he brought to prominence in the DCU.

As McKeever gears up for the publication of his first Countdown issue in June as well as his August debut on Teen Titans, Newsarama sat down with the busy writer to talk about the new gig, what this multi-creator "jam session" is all about, and why there are a couple new teenaged faces showing up on the cover to his first issue."

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